Razorfish Hires First CIO

By Patrick Coffee 

As if to emphasize the distance between today’s ad industry and that depicted on an oddly nostalgic TV show, Razorfish just announced the hiring of its first chief intelligence officer.

To further prove that point, Samih Fadli has no agency experience: he comes from the ad tech business.

MediaPost tells us, via the press release:


“Fadli will lead Razorfish Global’s Data Intelligence Practice and rapidly expand the organization’s marketing intelligence and data sciences practices. He will also lead the global deployment of the Nexus Operating System (OS), which is designed to simplify the omnichannel experience by integrating customer data and interactions across all major touchpoints at enterprise scale.”

Prior to taking the Razorfish gig, Fahli was SVP of global engineering at Gravity4, an ad tech company with a problematic CEO who just got sued for gender discrimination.

Insert topical pop culture reference via the “Mad Men integrated” tumblr here.