Ralph Lauren Gets a Bit Overzealous with Photoshop

By Kiran Aditham 

The same day we reported that the UK and France were pushing legislation to help eradicate altered images in ads aimed at the kids, BoingBoing posted the startling Ralph Lauren shot above.

Fashion disaster aside, uber-thin model Filippa Hamilton as Yahoo’s Shine blog puts it is “so emaciated that her waist actually appears to be smaller than her head.” Apparently, Ralph Lauren didn’t get all the backlash and went so far as to file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint against BoingBoing and Photoshop Disasters, the original poster, for using the image.


While AdAge reports that German pub Brigitte is supplanting models for “real women”, it seems the problem is still rampant here and in Europe, which pushes out ads such as this. As one commenter on BoingBoing puts it, it seems the “[Photoshop] body dysmorphic filter” is “all the rage in teenie mags.” Jezebel editor-in-chief Anna Holmes meanwhile tells Yahoo, “I don’t see any point in retouching anymore…The cat’s out of the bag.”

Parliament liberal democrat Jo Swinson must be working overtime to fast-track her legislation.

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