PSFK’s Planning Series, SPUR, Drew Ire From AgencySpy Commenters

By Matt Van Hoven 

When we fist introduced you to SPUR, PSFK and Redscout’s video interview series on the business of planning, things got crazy in the comments. Haters came out of the woodwork to remind planners that their jobs are (in the hating opinion) bullshit. The anonymous commenters participated in this digital hair-pulling as if their words were revenge for years of unheard creative ideas &#151 and though polarizing it was &#151 the planning talks continued unabated.

The first part of this series is over, and pasted below is a quick redux/round-up of some planners’ commentary. One thing we haven’t seen: video of anyone in opposition to planning. Any creatives out there willing to put the witchcraft (we use this word with love) in its place &#151 you know where to send your thoughts.


(note: as lacking as we are in advertising experience, it would be unfair to say planning is good or bad or indifferent &#151 so take this post for what it is, a call to action in defense of creativity from creatives &#151 which we haven’t seen lately)

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