G2’s ‘Das Pulse’ Clip Flatlines

By Kiran Aditham 

A team at Grey unit G2 Direct & Digital offers us their equivalent of a snooze-inducing classroom filmstrip in an effort to show us how their “Das Pulse” campaign for Volkswagen came to pass.

See how creatives, stategists and analysts explain the campaign as they crowd around a whole bunch of print-outs that you can’t even see (like the “cool map” around the 1:31 mark), while looking like they discovered fire when they see a QR code.

Of course, they manage to save the best for last with the most tired, cliched, corporate monologue from president Wendy Lurie as well as a “hilarious” aside at the very end. That is, if you can get to that point. A higher quality version of the clip can be found here.

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