PP+K Takes Bright House Networks to its ‘First Dance’

By Erik Oster 

Tampa agency PP+K is launching a new campaign for Bright House Networks with a 60-second broadcast spot entitled “First Dance.”

The spot follows the story of a young boy as he learns to dance and attempts to win over a crush, getting help from Bright House Networks products and services along the way. Opening with the boy stealing a glance at his crush, the spot shows him learning to dance and concludes with him at his first dance, crossing over from the boys side of the auditorium to girls (anyone who has ever been to a middle school dance is familiar with this gender divide) to ask his crush for a dance.


“A boy figuring out how to impress a girl is a timeless story,” explains Paul Prato, creative director at PP+K. “What’s different is that technology is now so intuitive and integrated into our lives that it creates new means to fulfill this type of personal journey.”

The spot, which broke yesterday, was a collaboration with Serial Pictures, shot on location in Los Angeles by director Matt Bieler and then completed at PP+K’s Tampa office by its internal production house. It marks the beginning of what will be an ongoing campaign for Bright House Networks, entitled “Connecting Friends,” which aims to “pursue common themes that truly matter in people’s lives: love, learning, self-improvement, family and friendship.” Additional spots will being airing early next year.


Client: Bright House Networks

Agency: PP+K

Executive Creative Director: Tom Kenney

Creative Director: Paul Prato

Sr. Art Director: Christy Beegle

Sr. Writer: Nick McMurdy

Agency Producer: Christine Allen

Account Supervisor: Kyle Matos

Sr. Editor: Amanda Schreiber

Original Score: Mark Sunderland

Executive Director of Broadcast Production: Chanse Chanthalansy

Visual Effects Artist: San Nguyen

Audio Engineer: Roger Hughes

Production Company: Serial Pictures

Director: Matt Bieler

Director of Photography: Tim Hudson

Producer: James Graves