Who’s Responsible for This Snapchat Ad?

By Patrick Coffee 

The company is supposedly worth $10 billion, and its newest venture provides users with a way to (securely) send cash to one another…a very appealing option for a company that is notoriously dishonest about its own privacy practices.

What could go wrong? Watch this spot and tell us:

The ad debuted yesterday in the wake of the company’s announcement that it would be creating a NEW type of ad that’s “similar to live TV” for its partners. We’re interested in seeing how they define that phrase.

We know that the product was created in partnership with mobile payment company Square, but Snapchat’s announcement doesn’t say anything about the ad itself: where it will run, how they will promote it and, most importantly, who actually made it. Campaign is in the dark too: no creative credits anywhere. At least the company has something approaching a sense of humor.

The comments on the ad’s YouTube page have been conveniently disabled, but we trust our readers to let us know exactly how they feel.