Popeyes New Spot From Greed, Sex, Drugs & Money

By SuperSpy 

Aside from GSD&M’s internal espionage problems, they also must be a little stoked. Today, the shop will be debuting its new broadcast spots for Popeye’s chicken. The agency also recently scored national, regional and local media buying and planning duties. Okay. Score.

The new brand slogan is “Louisiana Kitchen.” That’s right. The chicken maker has gone back to its down South roots. The new positioning focuses on Popeyes’s process and quality. The advertising introduces a chef, “Ed,” (that’s real Southern) who sits down with shares insights about their food choices and all the work that is behind Popeyes products. For example, Ed tallies up the time and labor cost to prepare the new chicken wrap. He calculates that the 12-hour marinating process, combined with a six dollar hourly rate, means that the guests are actually eating a “$72 Wrap.”


Check it out above. What do you think? The comments section is ready and waiting.