Popeyes Moves on From Gut and Will Work With McKinney

By Kyle O'Brien 

After nearly three years working as the agency of record for Popeyes, helping launch the highly popular and buzzworthy chicken sandwich for the restaurant chain, Gut will not continue working for the chicken purveyor.

A statement by Popeyes stated: “Popeyes U.S. has made the decision to look for a new creative agency of record. We appreciate the partnership with Gut over the last three years and their work on the iconic Popeyes brand. In the interim, Popeyes U.S. will work with creative agency McKinney on a 6-month project basis while we move through the RFP process. All other marketing agencies will remain the same.”

Popeyes has used Megan Thee Stallion, who is a franchise owner, to promote the brand, and she has helped level up the brand with merch drops and social posts.


McKinney recently acquired influencer marketing agency August United, giving it access to plenty of micro- and mid-level influencers.

“We at Gut are so proud of all of the work we’ve done with Popeyes over the years and throughout our partnership. As an agency, we have achieved many milestones with Popeyes, and we’re grateful for all of the campaigns and projects we’ve created with the brand. Most importantly, we’re thankful to have worked with the amazing people on Popeyes’ team, all of whom we will miss, and we wish them the best. We’re looking forward to continuing our work with all of our other clients and for the many opportunities that lie ahead for us in 2023,” Gut said in a statement.

McKinney did not gave a statement at the time of publication of this story.