Pop Secret Aims to Please Come Movie Night (Updated)

By Kiran Aditham 


It looks like Winston Binch and his fellow “Inventioni.sts” at Deutsch L.A. are at it again as we’ve been told that a new online service dubbed “Pop Secret Labs” is the brainchild of the agency’s chief digital officer and his cohorts. Makes sense considering that Pop Secret is a client and all, and with the “Lab,” the Deutsch gang is offering a free Google Chrome tool on behalf of Pop Secret that lets you “pop search” to find where to watch your movie of choice online (legally, that is…sorry). Anyhow, if you don’t mind sparing some change rather than hitting up torrent sites, you can download the tool here.

According to the comment thread, folks are already claiming this app is a ripoff of Can I Stream It, but it actually turns out that Deutsch and the Pop Secret teamed up with said service to build up the “Labs.” So, uh, there. As you’d expect with anything that dubs itself a lab, the experiment is evolving and in case you need some reference points, Pop Secret has also listed some of its fave movie and telly Tumblrs. Update: We’ve received a hell of a lot more info from the Deutsch L.A. camp on the matter. This should fill in all the blanks, where we learn this is “the future of advertising,” as should the demo video above.

What is PopSecret hoping to achieve with this new tool? Pop Secret wants to help make family movie night even more fun and social. The brand is committed to launching various tools over the next year, some will be more utility focused, others will just be plain fun. Popcorn is one of the original social objects and these apps will extend that brand promise into more modern spaces.

Why is this significant? Are there competing tools? People are watching more and more movies online, but often have trouble finding out where to watch it. Pop Search is making it easy to find any movie to watch instantly. They are competing tools, but a lot of them don’t have the comprehensive list of where to stream these movies, and don’t have it easily accessible as a browser extension. Moreover, this is a new digital product. Our goal is to launch this, learn from it, and then over time improve it. This is just step one.

How does this fit into an over-arching ad campaign? Pop Secret is trying to make movie watching experiences at home more social and fun. We are creating a series of apps and tools that do just that. Pop Search is the first, and it is making the movie watching experiencing at home better by making the search and discovery of streamable content as easy as possible.

What is the future of pop search and Pop Secret? Pop Search will be the go-to tool for anyone who is looking to find a movie online. We want it to the Google for streamable, long-form content. Pop Secret will be a brand synonymous with movie watching at home. When people want to stream a movie, they will think of popcorn. Pop Search is just a way for people to find a movie to watch, and remind these viewers to make some popcorn before they press play.

Any metrics like number of downloads or number of searches or movies bought you can include? Not at this time.

What is the future of advertising? Great ads work, but they alone aren’t enough. Moreover, the rise of a more active consumer demands that brands seek to create new forms of value beyond entertainment and interruption. Pop Search is the future of advertising. It’s as much an ad as it is a product.