Poo-Pourri Raps About Dropping Deuces at Work

By Patrick Coffee 

She’s not really British and her hair is definitely not red IRL, but Poo-Pourri loves its spokesperson, played by actress/Mormon/former BYU student Bethany Woodruff.

She’s back to crack more jokes about dookie as the brand’s internal creative team makes another bid for virality today with its first music video. It’s really an attempt to see how many auto-tuned poop jokes one can fit into a three-minute ditty.

Let’s see how they did.

Lyrical content aside, that could have been a top 10 pop song…which makes sense because composer Chris Sernel has written songs for Cee-Lo and some Disney stars. If American Psycho can inspire a few big-budget musical numbers, then the act of pooping can certainly do the same.

Here’s the interesting part.

Two names you won’t see associated with this ad are Harmon and Ackerman. Ackermania Creative and The Harmon Brothers worked on previous Poo-Pourri spots, but the team appears to have taken things in-house this time.

The Harmon Brothers’ latest work for Squatty Potty demonstrates that they are still very much into the poop while Ackermania Creative has been relatively quiet as of late–though Joel Ackerman was involved in last year’s Poo-Pourri “Even Santa Poops” campaign, which garnered 14 million YouTube views.

June’s “Don’t Rush the Flush” only got about 1/10 of that total and, since the new spot just launched, we can’t say how well it will do. Repeating the same joke over and over might seem to be a sign of comedic weakness, but the number of multi-millionaires who continue to do just that leads us to refrain from making any sweeping generalizations.

The pooping-at-work verse was pretty good before we got bored. And thanks for making us look up “mud bunny” on Urban Dictionary. We learned so much today!


Vision and Concept: Suzy Batiz (Founder & CEO)
Director: Cameron Duddy
Writer: Nicole Story
Song and Lyrics: Jeff Lewis & Poo~Pourri Creative Team lead by Nicole Story
Composer: Chris Sernel
Choreography: Sara VonGillern
VP Creative Director: Nicole Story
Director of Photography: Tom Banks
Story and Design: Hector Batiz, Will Clarke, and Kirsten Gold
Art Directors: Lindsey Juckem and Paola Cortez
Wardrobe: Kirsten Gold, Gay Horman and Annie Cox
Editor: Adam Henderson
Broadcast Producer: Peggy Moore
Production Company: Artists and Derelicts

Tea Potty: Bethany Woodruff, Kasey Cosgrove, Vicki McCarty
Relationship Verse: Ryan Warren, Lauren Williams, Michael Sylvester, Ika Chigogidze, Oscar Seung, Tori Leigh Smith, Jordan Johnson, Michelle Keys
Office Verse: Alexis Smith, Donna Arrogante, Tyree Holmes, Tori Leigh Smith, Oscar Seung
Confident Verse: Sara VonGillern, Aaron Nedrick, Pierce Bailey
Poo-dini: CJ Vaughn