Polaroid Adds Lady Gaga to Creative Roster

By Matt Van Hoven 

Engadget is reporting that current musical sensation Lady Gaga has teamed up with what remains of the Polaroid Corporation, where she has been hired as a creative director. Gaga herself called it “a real job,” in a statement released earlier.

Polaroid and Gaga are set to discuss the partnership tomorrow, January 7th, at 10:45 am PST, at the Polaroid booth in the Consumer Electronics Show. Webnewser editor Chris Ariens will be in the area, tweeting as @webnewser. Apparently, the new creative director will be there in the flesh to discuss the matter.


Though strange the pairing might be, you may not know that Polaroid has something of a creative background. As creative director, Gaga will be responsible for developing “prototypes in the vein of fashion / technology / photography innovation.” Polaroid, in the 1980s, beat Kodak for a patent on instant film that made the company so famous today. They also developed instant video film, but tapes were already taking hold of the market. The company started making polarization products in 1937.

When digital cameras entered the scene, Polaroid neglected to innovate and in 2001 filed for bankruptcy. Since then it’s been a slow slide toward inanity. In 2008 the company announced it would no longer produce instant film, and since then Polaroid itself has been an administrative shell of its former self.

Given the company’s background and Gaga’s penchant for creative performance and creation, the pairing appears logical. Of course, there’s no word yet regarding any financial transaction between the two, but best guess is there’s little to spend just yet. It appears that she’s less brand ambassador in title, though details of her role are slim for now.

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