‘Funny People’ Quote Befitting News of Facebook Convict’s Page Being Shutdown

By Matt Van Hoven 

We know there’s a criminal investigation going on as UK authorities chase down Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch, who escaped from an English prison (what we in the US would call a garden), but did Facebook really need to shut down the guy’s fan page? The more I think about it, the stupider that decision seems.

Lynch began posting status updates on his page a few weeks ago. He’s been on the lam since late last year, and had gained tens of thousands of friends, fans, whathaveyou. So, yippee, that was fun. But now that the page has been shut down, the fun is over. And so is the law’s ability to track his whereabouts. Well done, mall cops.


Anyway there’s this line in ‘Funny People’ where Seth Rogen’s character tells Adam Sandler’s character to say “Fuck Facebook” at the end of a stand-up set he’s doing at a MySpace gig. Then James Taylor says it and so forth. Sorry for ruining this film for you.

Via AllFacebook

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