Planet Propaganda Celebrates ‘Highly Capable’ Women for Duluth Trading Co.

By Erik Oster 

Madison, Wisconsin-based Planet Propaganda launched a new campaign promoting Duluth Trading Company’s line of “highly capable” women’s clothing, highlighting a variety of hard-working, multi-talented women.

The spot opens on a flannel-clad woman with a chainsaw as the title “lumberjack” appears on screen and a voiceover says, “You’ve got a lot of capable.”

It then morphs to “/teacher” as she shows a group of children how to start a fire and “/biologist” as she peers at a far off raptor through a pair of binoculars. The remainder of the spot applies the same approach to roles such as “brewer,” “woodworker” and “gardener,” showcasing the durability and strength of Duluth’s women’s clothing line.

The campaign marks the first all-encompassing campaign for the brand’s women’s clothing line and launched with 30 and 15-second spots across HGTV digital channels as well as OOH throughout Duluth’s markets. Duluth has previously promoted individual products in its women’s clothing line. This effort instead focuses on how the brand has a variety of durable clothing options for women who take on a variety of difficult tasks and need capable clothes to match.

“We and Duluth are excited to be building a campaign around the idea of Highly Capable. It’s a principle that’s driven their women’s business from the start. High capability obviously isn’t just about the clothes, but also the real women who wear them – the ones who approach life on their own terms and aren’t defined by their size or the expectations of others,”Planet Propaganda account director Emily Steele said in a statement. “From pottery, to midwifery, to truck driving, to paleontology, the pursuits of these highly capable Duluth women deserve to be celebrated. This campaign was developed for that exact purpose.”