Nike and W+K’s Post-Colin ‘Rallying Cry’ Stars Serena and Other Female Ballers

By Patrick Coffee 

Since it’s EOD Friday and you haven’t heard quite enough about Nike over the past two weeks (ha), here’s yet another spot promoting the sportswear brand from the folks at Wieden + Kennedy.

“Rallying Cry” isn’t quite like “Dream Crazy,” though it sticks with the familiar inspirational themes.

“Women are at the top of their game and are making the world listen every day, in sport and in life,” the synopsis tells us, and the :60 from Portland confirms this fact with the help of some stars who aren’t as familiar to U.S. audiences, like Australian boxer Tayla Harris, Thai runner Rachwin Wong, Australian footballer Sam Kerr, Japanese skateboarder Aori Nishimura and South Korean dancer Amber Liu.


And then there’s Serena Williams.

The spot was helmed by Coralie Fargeat, director of 2017’s Revenge. And in keeping with the nationalities of its stars, it will run primarily in the APAC and Latin American regions.

As the copy tells us:

A rally cry is more than a yell. It’s a visceral response to a mental reaction — frustration, elation and every emotion in between. It’s a call to assemble. It’s a call to advance. In sports, the rally cry can turn the tide of a game, and in the process, change the trajectory of a life.

This one didn’t have the heavy political implications of last week’s effort, but it was a bit more intensely energetic… in our humble and pointless opinions.