Pint-Sized Romeo and Juliet Take Center Stage in Apple’s Latest iPhone Spot

By Erik Oster 

Apple launched a new spot promoting the iPhone 7, the latest in the “Practically Magic” campaign it launched back in September.

The 30-second “Romeo and Juliet” promotes the iPhone 7 by virtue of its video recording quality. It opens on a pair of child actors portraying Romeo and Juliet in what otherwise seems to be a fairly elaborate production. As the ad continues, though, it becomes clear that it is actually a school play and the cinematic production is in service of the line, “Your movies look like movies on iPhone 7” as a proud father documents the work of his young thespian.

The premise of cinematic production given to home movies via the iPhone 7 works on paper in exemplifying the “Practically Magic” tagline, though we would like to raise an issue or two. For example, do the copywriters know how this particular dramatic work ends?? And how much fake blood can one elementary school have on hand at any given time?

The approach harkens back to the “Shot on an iPhone” campaign which promoted the video capabilities of the iPhone 6s, particularly the “Onions” spot which, while still an obvious exaggeration, made a more convincing case for the brand.

“Romeo and Juliet” is something of a departure from the campaign’s captivating introductory spot, which managed to showcase its low light camera and water resistance features. It’s understandable that Apple would want to expand on the tagline by focusing on a different individual feature that has long been a selling point for the brand, though we feel like another, more family friendly play, would have made the whole thing more believable.