Lenovo and Traction Launch the IT Rap Spoof You Never Knew You Always Wanted

By Erik Oster 

If there’s one thing a fearful, uncertain world needs it’s another “OMG I can’t believe these people are actually rapping” ad.

San Francisco agency Traction launched a new spot for Lenovo celebrating the humble IT worker in such a fashion.

Yes, that most tried and true of trends — the comedic video in which people who others would strongly advise against rapping proceed to do just that — takes one more encore spin for the computer company.

The video is personalized (notice the name of the office building and “Keep Calm” poster here) but otherwise it’s a straightforward celebration of the underappreciated IT worker who probably makes more money than you do.


That’s kind of a nice thought, and a brand appropriate one to boot. But we have great confidence in stating that this shtick was old when Adam Sandler used it way back in 1998. And the video barely resembles “Hotline Bling.”