Pinnacle Advertising Sends WeatherTech Back to the Super Bowl

By Erik Oster 

Pinnacle Advertising created “America At Work” for WeatherTech, the brand’s second Super Bowl spot following its big game debut last year.

Like last year’s effort, the 30-second spot emphasizes a direct “Made in America” message. “It’s the sound of America. Working with American materials in American factories,” says the voiceover, over footage of actual WeatherTech employees. CEO and founder David MacNeil’s Golden Retriever even makes a cameo near the end of the spot. “America At Work” will run during the first half of NBC national broadcast of the game.


“We had a very positive result from our first Super Bowl commercial during last year’s game,” MacNeil said in a statement. “We witnessed an increase in phone and Internet traffic that helped continue our double digit sales growth as well as expand brand recognition.