Pillsbury Doughboy Giggles for Geico

By Bob Marshall 

What?!? Is that the Pillsbury Doughboy being used in a non-Pillsbury advertisement? Is that even legal? This is a big deal! Wait, is it a big deal? I mean, it’s not like they’re competitors of Geico’s. You can’t insure your car with baking products and you can’t bake with car insurance. Wait, can you? No…no, you can’t. Yet.

What we have here is an ad-crossover of sorts, which, if you think about it, wouldn’t be that surprising if brands weren’t so super protective of their copyrighted material. You’d think that someone would learn a lesson from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? about that joys of allowing your brands to interact with others. So it’s refreshing to see Pillsbury play ball with Geico and The Martin Agency for a joke about the giggly little Pillsbury Doughboy getting the pat-down from the TSA on his way to a baking convention. Man, that little guy really loves being touched, huh? Credits after the jump.


Chief Creative Officer                Joe Alexander
SVP/ Group Creative Director:            Steve Bassett
VP/Creative Director:    Wade Alger
SVP/ Art Director/Creative Director:    Sean Riley
Senior Copywriter:    Ken Marcus
VP/Agency Executive Broadcast Producer:    Molly Souter
Agency Producer:                    Samantha Tucker
Agency Junior Producer:                Emily Taylor
Strategic Planner:                    Melissa Cabral

Production Company:                Hungry Man
Director:                         Wayne McClammy
Director of Photography:              Tim Ives
Executive Producer/ Managing Partner:    Kevin Byrne
Producer:                        Nate Young
Production Supervisor:               Steve Ruggieri

Editorial Company:                Makenzie Cutler
Editor:                       Ian MacKenzie
Editor:                       Dave Koza
Assistant Editor:                   Carmen Hu
Editorial Producer:               Evan Meeker
Director of Operations:               Biz Lunskey

VFX:                            The Mill
Executive Producer:                Jo Arghiris
Producer:                       Colin Blaney
Shoot Supervisor:                    Tony Robins
2D Lead Artist:                    Randy McEntee
3D Lead Artist:                     Kevin Ives
Colorist:     Fergus McCall
Doughboy Animation:    Topix
Creative Director:    Steven Hollman
Senior Producer:    Christina Lord

Audio Post Company/Sound Design:        Rainmaker Studios
Engineer:                         Jeff McManus
Music:                        “Happier Than” theme song by Adam Schlesinger