Part Deux: Social Media And The Ad Biz

By SuperSpy 

The metrics. It’s always the damn metrics. Brian Morrissey, the only dude who’s Tweets we follow, has written a damn good piece about the problem of social media monitoring and metrics. Here’s the thesis statement:

“But with the rapid growth of social media has come the challenge of measuring the new ways consumers are interacting with and sharing advertisers’ content and brands. In many cases, the biggest difficulty is not just figuring out what to measure but what to ignore — and how to square the need for metrics-driven accountability with the more qualitative feedback endemic to conversation-based channels.”

Word. Brian quickly covers all the issues regarding how agencies are viewing the problem of metrics and possible brand value that come with using social technology.

This social media track is going to continue today. Next up, we got some answers coming from Ian Schafer of Deep Focus, which is one of the few agencies that actually has a social media practice. If you missed Part 1, go here.