CP+B, Microsoft And AmericaFree.TV

By SuperSpy 

Microsoft (and possibly CP+B?) have recently held a focus group that will surely influence the ads the agency will be putting out for the computer maker. From the Cajun Boy In The City blog:

What became apparent to all 8 of us in the group was that Microsoft was in the midst of preparing an advertising campaign that would make it appear that its software and the PCs that run them are a younger, hipper product. They showed us a number of sample ads that seemed to emphasize global community, peace, love, happiness and environmentalism, etc., and how Microsoft products can bring the world together and make it better place. All of us in the group were struck by how Apple-like the ads were. Some even expressed thoughts that they appeared to be straight rip-offs.

You knew that Microsoft was going for cool and younger, yeah? That picture above is of Microsoft employees in 1978. They weren’t cool then and that whole Zune thing didn’t work out either, did it? Hard battle to win.

Crispin has also recently acquired a stake in AmericaFree.TV, a five-year-old provider of Internet TV services offering 20 channels of free content. As part of the deal, CP+B will relaunch the company’s website and direct its branding and marketing efforts. Smart. Agencies owning the medium? Love it.