Parsec is Evolving the Future of the Remote Workplace from Gamers to Creatives

By Shawn Paul Wood 

Months following the national lockdown brought on by the pandemic, every industry had to rethink how they could survive and still make money. For communications and creative agencies, working from home and staying connected was a necessity. With a large group of creatives yanking on the bandwidth, cloud workspaces began to stumble under the strain.

That is when Benjy Boxer, CEO of Parsec, had an idea about his own business. Boxer heads one of the most notable remote playscapes for computer gamers. Its proprietary software allows gamers to take their entertainment on the go and reconnect from any device at any location.

The national demand for a high-access, low-latency remote workspace was overwhelming, which is when Boxer believed the Parsec vision was a perfect match for creatives as well. What was used for gaming leaders like EA, Square Enix and Ubisoft is now being used for agencies Agentur Loop and CreativeAMP or entertainment companies like Encore Hollywood and The Young Turks.


“Our vision has always been ‘to make it easier for people to connect to their technology, software, and content from anywhere, on any device,” said Boxer. “It turns out that a lot of people who have video games also have jobs. We offer a remote workspace, so why not use the other tools when [these creatives] already use Parsec to play games?”

The answer to that question resulted in Parsec for Teams

parsec for teams dashboard

A look inside Parsec for Teams.

Parsec for Teams is evolving the original gaming platform by developing a hybrid work environment, providing more functionality, and optimizing performance – all supported by what Parsec describes as “the best low latency speed to a desktop computer.”

“Most of the clever ideas I get for business don’t come when I am sitting at my desk,” continued Boxer. “With a remote workspace always ready to work, you can be anywhere when that inspiration strikes and be productive.