Parents Critique Their Sons’ Advertising Work

By Bob Marshall 

Manuel Urbanke and Maximilian Hoch are two European-born young ad creatives who both currently work in NYC. (Max is a copywriting intern at Y&R NY and Manuel is an art director in some capacity at DDB NY.) Coincidentally, both Max and Manuel have parents who love them and take an interest in their work.

Having met at Saatchi & Saatchi Russia late last year before moving stateside,  Max and Manuel have collaborated on a number of side projects. For example, there’s that silly “Massive” app (above) for Maxim magazine where young gentlemen can duel using bikini-clad, shaking asses. Indeed, the more perverted and sexist the idea, the more appealing it sounds to a young male creative because, hey, there’s always a brand like AXE or Maxim looking to pick up and sponsor the next “for men” app that blows up the mobile scene. But, imagine what your mom would say if she saw you creating “art” like the Massive app.


On a blog called “My Son Does Advertising,” Manuel’s mother and Max’s father weigh in on their sons’ work as only a parent knows how, with pride, encouragement, confusion and denial. In the great words of Willard Smith, “Parent’s just don’t understand.” But, at least Max and Manuel’s parents will do their best. Lesson learned: Make an app where you can convert your IKEA furniture into a useless other piece of furniture, and you father will undoubtedly be quite impressed. See more case studies and parental opinions here.