Barbarians, Vitamin T Draw Up ‘Cheat Sheet’ for Digital Creatives

By Kiran Aditham 


Now that they’ve given you the Ad Agency Bloodline and the site-building flowchart, the Barbarian Group and Aquent’s Vitamin T have turned their focus to helping out digital creatives for their latest infographic collaboration, which could come in handy for those of you digital ninjas who are trying to map out your career options and figuring out how to apply skills sets.


The aptly titled “Where Will Your Skills Take You” infographic is basically set up as a choose-your-adventure game and takes you through the career paths of three characters in content delivery, design and development. According to the Vitamin T folks, “While there’s no wrong decision when it comes to choosing your character, itʼs important to pick the one that suits you best and comes tricked out with the tools you know how to use. Let’s face it, winning is a lot harder if youʼre an interactive copywriter sweating out the HTML or a visual designer trying your hand at SEO.”

The actual full-size infographic is a rather sprawling piece of work that’s equal parts informative and amusing and is a depiction we think is not too far removed from reality. Check out the entire visual here.