Paper Doll Stars in Latest AT&T Spot

By Michael Musco 

The Christo-inspired curtains have fluttered away and in their place is an orange paper cutout character in this latest AT&T spot, aptly titled “Paper Dolls,” from BBDO and director Noam Murro. The character, which kind of reminds us of the AIM logo, travels the globe for work ala Clooney in Up in the Air, but is less weary and never too far from home and family as long as it has AT&T coverage, which the telecom giant continues to insist takes care of 97% of Americans.

Even without a face or a specific character in the piece, the business traveler could easily sympathize with the narrative. It’s just a refreshing way to depict John or Jane Doe in a TV spot. Who needs celebrities when you have this? Credits after the jump.


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Chief Creative Officer:                        David Lubars

ECD:                                       Greg Hahn

ECD:                                       Ralph Watson

Copywriter:                             Peter Alsante

Copywriter:                              Matthew Zaifert

Exec Producer:                         Diane Hill

Exec Music Producer               Melissa Chester

Production Company:              Biscuit Filmworks

Director:                                  Noam Murro

Edit:                                         Bikini Edit

Editor:                                      Avi Oron

VFX:                                         Animal Logic

Sound Design                          Audio Engine

Mixer                                        Rob Diffondi

Original music:                         The Ski Team

Music composer:                     Donny Dykowsky