P4 Ogilvy Launches ‘The Tweeting Pothole’ for MEDCOM

By Erik Oster 

P4 Ogilvy & Mather in Panama found a novel solution to the problem of damaged city roads in Panama City: tweeting potholes.

The agency placed devices in potholes that tweeted complaint messages to the Department of Public Works whenever they were run over by a car. Panama TV station MEDCOM requested that the agency tackle the issue and later featured “The Tweeting Pothole” on its program, also interviewing Panama City drivers about the issue. It seems that the effort caught the attention of local government, as, according to the case study above some of the potholes have begun disappearing, and Adweek reports the minister of public works appeared on TV to address the issue, blaming “a mix of poor construction and the failure of talks [to] approve money to fix the roads.”



Client: MEDCOM
Agency: P4 Ogilvy & Mather, Panama City, Panama
Chief Creative Officer: Edwin Mon
Associate Creative Director: Alejandro Blanc
Creative Director: Osvaldo Restrepo
Digital Creative Director: Alberto Lam
Copywriter: Edmar Quiros
Head of Art: Roberto Perez
Art Director: Edmar Quiros
Designer: Franklin Lu
General Account Executive: Monica Urrutia
Digital Account Manager: Luis Gonzales
Executive Producer: Benjamin Liao, Belisario Alvarez, Monica Crespo
Production Company: VFX Panama, SAKE Argentina
Music: Salmon Osado
Sound editing: Manuel Trejos
Post Production: Marcos Ruiz
Additional credits: Francisco Hernandez MEDCOM Digital Media Director