Our Fav Comments from the “You Can Call Me Al” Debacle

By Matt Van Hoven 

Oh lord I love it. MattandAdam dot blogspot dot com, the site where we found the wonderfully ironic “You Can Call Me Al” pseudo lipsync is now only open to invited readers. I guess we’re not one of them.

Earlier this week we received an e-mail telling us that if we didn’t pull the video down, we’d be investigated. And that we broke the law by copying and posting the video. C’mon guys. We hear ECD Al Kelly took the guys to lunch to smooth things out, but not before telling them they were fired. He was kidding, of course.

After culling the many, many comments (like, 70, you guys should be proud) we decided to post our favorites. They deserve some air. With no further adieu:

User Way Too Much Effort on my Part
Chiat Guy1: (high fives his chum) Whats up broham? So we have a new ECD coming, and his name’s Al!

Chiat Guy2: (high fives) Awesome to the max! Hey wasn’t there that Paul Simon song where they mentioned the name Al?!

Chiat Guy1: (Double high fives) Hells yeah Brodesky! Hey I don’t like my job anymore, let’s make a somewhat ironic video. That’s what all the kids are into now a days right? Irony?

Chiat Guy2: (Fist bumps, to chest five) Sweet idea dudetron! Hey I also came up with this wicked rad headline for pepsi, peep this&#151″WOW!”.

User Rad Dog
Chiat Guy1: Hell yah pimpsauce, let’s get famous and blow this joint for CPB…we’re so much better than these hacks! (Awkward complicated handshake)

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