Op-Ed: 10 Reasons to Love Working in Advertising

By Kiran Aditham 

Every once in a while, we receive a gem like this that comes to us from anonymous contributors. We love, we hate and we show indifference at times to the fact that we attempt to cover your favorite industry, but perhaps this person of interest who sends this to us anonymously can make you remember why you possibly maybe love advertising. Read on…

Advertising. It’s the best! OK maybe it “*can’t be trusted*”, but it can show you how to *find your outer sexy* and *pick up your life (also above)* , you fucking loser! If advertising can help the world this much, it must be even better to work in. Here’s some reasons I just invented to illustrate my point:


10. Business casual = pajamas

9. Get to continue ignoring all world’s problems

8. “Communications Degree” actually counts for something

7. A step above PR, stripping

6. Get to inventify words, wear flannel

5. Getting high at work somehow totally acceptable

4. Problem of how to make a lot of money for doing nothing, solved

3. Winning awards easier than in T-ball

2. Paid to look at internet all day

1. Make more money than your smart-ass dentist brother, until he gets out of dental school