Online Asian Grocery Brand Enlists Creepy Pitchman to Utter its Name Ad Nauseum

By Kiran Aditham 

Well, we suppose this is one way to effectively get your name out there–albeit in one of the oddest, most annoying ways possible. If you haven’t heard of online Asian grocery store, well now you know thanks to a pitchman–Mr. Bapmart, natch–who doesn’t just sidle but emerges from out of nowhere and whose vocabulary is seemingly limited to the brand name itself.

Directed by Valiant Pictures’ Vincent Lin, the three spots in the campaign highlight our hero whose fashion sense fits his bizarre personality as he appears then interrupts random strangers’ conversations. We believe it’s his slow whisper that truly sells BapMart, which specializes in discounted items ranging from Korean ramen noodles and Japanese curry to Sriracha sauce and seaweed. Check out more of Mr. Bapmart’s in-store encroachments below.



Production Company: Valiant Pictures
Creative Lead/Director: Vincent Lin
Executive Producer: Matthew D’Amato
Art Director: Melissa Choi