McCann Mexico Cautions ‘Don’t Text a Driver’ for Chevrolet

By Erik Oster 

There are plenty of PSAs targeting texting and driving, but the majority (if not all) of them deal with things from the driver’s side. McCann Mexico just launched a campaign for Chevrolet which flips the script, cautioning viewers, “Don’t Text a Driver.”

In a 50-second spot, a man sitting on the toilet and texting is transported into the middle of the road. As he goes along his way, drawing in viewers with the absurdity of the situation, he continues obliviously texting. Finally as he approaches a curve, the driver he’s texting (who is looking at his cell phone, rather than the road) has to brake and swerve to avoid hitting him. The spot concludes with the message, “When you text a driver, you become the hazard. Don’t text a driver.” Three supporting print ads deliver the same message in similar scenarios: one also employing a man texting from the toilet, another from a copy machine and a woman texting at the hair salon. It’s nice to see an agency taking a slightly different approach to the subject, as it’s all too easy to ignore these messages when they all sound the same. We’ve included one of the print ads below.


WC_Press_A26_Public Health and Safety and Public Awareness Messages






Agency: McCann Mexico City
Client: General Motors
Product: Chevrolet
Campaign name: Don’t Text a Driver
Chief Creative Officer: Javi Carro
VP Creative Director: Jorge Aguilar
Creative Director: Javier Echevarría/Joka Alquicira
Copywriter: Javier Echevarría
Art Director: Pablo Motta/Ricardo Montes de Oca
Production Team: Juan González/Rafael López
Production House: Antídote MP
Director: Edgardo Abon
Executive Production: Juan Aura / Mark Castro / Gabriela Goela
Musician: Héctor Ruiz /MCO Studios