One Down, Millions More to Go

By SpyWriter 

One of the people ruining our internet experience with his “online advertisements” better known as spam, has finally got his just dues. According to reports, Adam Vitale (not pictured above), a spammer from Brooklyn was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for attacking 1.2 million AOL users with email advertisements. He was also ordered to pay AOL $183,000 in damages.

But the soap doesn’t just drop there, a new investigation is under way regarding Vitale’s law breaking while out on bail for his AOL crime. He allegedly ran online ads for prostitution and “erotic services” on Craigslist. People post those types of services on CL? Who knew?

Assistant US Attorney Thomas Brown is hoping this new investigation will yield a stiffer sentence. Seems like Brown received the one email too many for “c1ali$” that pushed him over the edge.