Ogilvy Hosts Lunch With White Lotus Creator Mike White

By Kyle O'Brien 

There are plenty of swanky gatherings at Cannes, but some of the best meetings happen over good food and colleagues.

Amidst the vibrant celebration of creativity in Cannes this week, Ogilvy global CEO Devika Bulchandani and global chief creative officer Liz Taylor hosted a lunch that brought together over a dozen female marketers and leaders from across the industry. The women were joined by White Lotus creator Mike White, who Taylor interviewed in the Palais earlier. For the two Ogilvy leaders, it was a unique moment to create a sense of community and connection.

(L-R): Pam Forbus (Pernod Ricard), Mona Sinha (Equality Now), Marta Garcia-Alonso (Heineken), Ann Mukherjee (Pernod Ricard), Mike White (‘The White Lotus’), Devika Bulchandani (Ogilvy CEO), Liz Taylor (Ogilvy CCO), Aude Gandon (Nestle), Renata Ferraiolo (SC Johnson), Valerie Kubizniak (Yum!/KFC), Jill Cress (H&R Block), Kate Cronin (Moderna), Mie-Leng Wong (Mondelez).


“I pinch myself many days at how lucky I am to have the best job in the world at the best agency in the world, and sitting at this lunch was a different level of gratitude and love. The fact that I get to do this job, and partner with these incredible women leaders is just unreal. That I get to call them friends… simply priceless,” said Bulchandani.

“As if sharing the stage with Mike White wasn’t enough, breaking bread with him and a truly awe-inspiring group of women was one of the highlights of the week. It was a unique opportunity to give many of our clients a unique look into the creative process with a multihyphenate creative mind,” added Taylor.