Ogilvy Hires! Sad Face; They Were Client Side – See Poll Below

By Matt Van Hoven 

In our continuing attempt to offset the layoffs, here’s some good news from Ogilvy NY. Kinda.

Three gents have been brought on to boost the consulting aspect of the WPP agency. We’re told Robert Schwartz was brought on as executive director for the digital dialogue, Enrique Urquola (say that three times fast) as director of email marketing, and Chris Halsall as senior
partner, global managing director of marketing strategy.

OK, so who cares? I don’t, other than to note that these three guys have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. With new positions comes the uncertainty of what they’re expected to do &#151 save for the expected outcome, which is financial growth.


Kudos to these guys for getting out of the client world. But from whence have they come that Ogilvy thought them savvy enough to grow their biz? Please expound, beloved spies.

The expansion means WPP (well, Ogilvy) is looking elsewhere to bring home the dough. Can we even call the shop a shop anymore? I’ve heard that other big agencies in other industries (talent, law, etc.) are doing the same thing in order to redefine what representation means.

Are the days of the one-stop-shop upon us? (ie) A place where you can get your marketing, ads, digital, financial, legal, environmental and staff might one day exist. And it might be called WPP. Discus.

Can Clientside Hires Make it in the Agency World?
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