Ogilvy Cape Town Shares ‘Moments’ for Volkswagen

By Erik Oster 

Ogilvy Cape Town crafted a new spot for Volkswagen from over 50 hours of one girl’s childhood video footage, entitled “Moments.”

The approach is designed to show the significance of the Volkswagen’s safety systems. After playing through grainy video footage of the girl growing up, ending with her graduation, the footage rewinds to show “The moment that mattered most.” That moment is so seemingly insignificant that most viewers probably won’t even notice it the first time around, but the ad puts the footage into new perspective. It’s an affective approach, as the viewer is then forced to consider the significance of it and how Volkswagen’s safety systems (namely a rearview camera) were an important factor.



Chief Creative Officer: Chris Gotz
Art Director: Monique Kaplan
Copywriter: Oskar Petty
Production House: Deliverance Post
Editor: Anthony Lee Martin
Director: Robin Goode at Giant Films