Odd, But True Tales From Mullen

By SuperSpy 

One fine day, Bob Pirrmann, the associate creative director with Mullen in Boston went on certified recreational dive at the New England Aquarium. Pirrmann was a part of a group of Mullen staffers who got to enjoy the oceanic playground after creating pro-bono award-winning work for the aquarium’s new exhibit, “Sharks & Rays.”

While petting a 560-pound sea turtle named Myrtle, Pirrman lost his wedding ring. Seriously, this is where it starts to get very, very cute. The Aquarium’s divers were alerted to the missing ring, but after three months, Pirrman purchased another ring. And then… eureka! This past week, Mike Whyte, a part-time diver for the Aquarium since 2001, was vacuuming food debris from several inches of sand near the bottom of the tank. As he worked through some delicate finger corals (oh the irony!), he noticed an unusual shape. He put the band on his own finger.


Okay, so cute right? Wait, wait… it gets even more sickening. Whyte and Pirrman are going to do a joint dive together to see the three-month resting place of his wedding band. Yeah. I know. It’s almost too much.

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