Now Vitamins Finds ‘19,000 Reasons to Feel Good Spending Less’

By Kyle O'Brien 

Now, the largest independent and family-owned manufacturer of natural products, vitamins and supplements, is launching the next evolution in its “Feel Good Spending Less” campaign. The brand is doubling down on the quality of its products by emphasizing how it tests, and tests, and tests for the purity of its supplements—as many as 19,000 tests every month.

Many supplement brands have quality claims, and Now didn’t just want to tell people about its rigorous testing process, it wanted to make people understand the magnitude of the quality of its products. The new tagline is, “Now. 19,000 reasons to feel good spending less.”


The hero spot highlights the amount of testing the brand does. The spot repeats the word “test” numerous times in its many iterations, even stating that Now does “tests of tests by tested testers who get tested on testing.”

“Quality has always been a cornerstone of Now, and we really wanted to take it to the masses and bring it front and center for the 2023 campaign,” said Amber Cerda, marketing director, Now in a statement. “We’re passionate about this because it’s the right thing to do for our customers—everyone should have access to high quality supplements, at an affordable price. For over 55 years in business, we have continued to invest heavily in our people and equipment to become a respected leader in the industry for our quality efforts.”

Last year, Now launched its first-ever integrated national campaign from its new creative agency partner, Hanson Dodge. The platform focused on how Now provides quality supplements without a premium price point. It was an especially resonant message at the time, as people were feeling the economic strain brought on by the specter of a recession. This current campaign drives home a quality message, as it does with a second spot that features puppies.

A third spot states that getting 19,000 gifts would be great, but the 19,000 tests Now puts its products through is also great.

“Many supplement brands have quality claims.  NOW didn’t just want to tell people; it wanted to jolt people into understanding the magnitude of the quality of NOW products – to see the great lengths NOW goes to ensure its quality is superior,” said Chris Buhrman, executive creative director, Hanson Dodge told Adweek.

The campaign launches this week and will appear on both connected and over-the-top TV, with streaming audio, print magazines such as Real Simple and Women’s Health, digital, Now social media channels and local partnerships with Real Simple later in the year—media channels that reach Now’s target of adult savvy shoppers, 25-55, who are invested in food and well-being.