Not-So-Clever “Got Milk?” Parody Prompts Lawsuit

By Kiran Aditham 

An outfit ingeniously named the Texas Sticker Company is getting smacked with a lawsuit by the California Milk Processor Board, which is claiming the TSC’s “Got Breastmilk?” sticker is a direct ripoff of the iconic “Got Milk?” campaign and trademark developed by CMPB and Goodby.

According to Courthouse News Service, the state of Cali is “alleging designation of origin, and trademark infringement and dilution” and wants TSC “enjoined from using the logo and ordered to destroy or surrender all the stickers bearing the ‘breastmilk’ phrase.”


Texas Sticker Company, which is not licensed to use the “Got Milk?” campaign, even posts on its website, “Sorry, we cannot duplicate any registered or trademarked logos.”

Besides all that, though, who is actually buying this sticker? Frat guys? Expectant mothers? Lactation fetishists?


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