Not Norm Shares Lifelong Lesson for Scouts South Africa

By Erik Oster 

Cape Town agency Not Norm launched a new spot for Scouting South Africa, stressing the lasting impact of the lessons learned within the organization, entitled “Learn It Young. Remember It Forever.”

While many associate scouting with learning to tie knots or start a campfire, the stakes are a little higher in the ad. The spot opens on a beach where a young boy is carrying a girl who appears not to be breathing. Thankfully, the boy knows CPR, presumably thanks to the Scouts and begins performing the procedure. As the girl coughs up water and begins to revive we see the boy is now a grown man, comforting his daughter. It’s a simple but powerful approach. illustrating the kinds of important life lessons learned in Scouts and the “Learn It Young. Remember It Forever” tagline perfectly. The spot also does an excellent job of drawing the viewer in and making them feel like part of the action, making the message that much more powerful. It’s quite the convincing appeal for the group and while it would be hard to match the impact of this spot, there’s plenty of room for Not Norm to develop the idea further with subsequent ads.


Agency: Not Norm, Cape Town
Executive Creative Director: Gavin Whitfield
Production: Velocity Cape Town
Director: Gregg Bailey
Producer: Kathleen Browne
Executive Producers: Karen Kloppers and Helena Woodfine
DP: Jamie Ramsay
Postproduction: Deliverance
Editor: Anthony Martin
Music/Sound: The Workroom