No Wukkas: Goodby Seeks Creative Teams

By Matt Van Hoven 

See correction.

“Goodby is actively seeking mid to senior level creatives. Teams preferred. Online portfolios a must. Contact Linda Harless.” To save them from the flood, you’ll have to figure out how to contact them.

Correction: The agency is not hiring creative teams. We had it on good authority that Goodby was hiring, via sources and good old fashioned asking around. I can’t remember the last time this happened, but we made a mistake. Also, Goodby took their time getting back to us. In the interest of clarity, let me be the first to say we were wrong, I was wrong. The agency tells us that though they are always on the lookout for talent, there isn’t a creative team opening as we had been told. Given the recent hiring of Gareth Kay and his new role as well as the agency’s overall success it seemed more than plausible.

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