Burger King Reinvades Tokyo with Anger in Tow

By Kiran Aditham 

Though it basically fled Japan in 2001 after losing a price war with McDonald’s, Burger King’s aiming for for a comeback on the island nation.

Promoting the Japanese launch of the Angry Whopper, the brand took to the streets of downtown Tokyo this week to host the “angry shouting challenge.” The event in the trendy Shibuya district gave passersby the chance to scream their frustrations, shatter eardrums and win a year’s worth of Whoppers. Some choice screams included the words “I need to get a girlfriend” and “Professor, give me my credits.”

BK itself though might be screaming out its own diatribes considering that it has only has 16 stores in Japan compared to 3,750 for Mickey D’s, which controls about 65 percent of the Japanese burger market.


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