No Wukkas

By SuperSpy 

As Heidi Klum says on Project Runway, “One day you’re in and the next day you’re out.” Might be time to get a new gig. It’s time for NO WUKKAS – THE JOB HUNT.

1. StrawberryFrog – Strategic Planner, New York, NY


Rather than post a list of requirements, Scott Goodson over at Da Frog has decided to expound on some of the issues involving hire new bodies:

“But as you add on new members to the agency, especially people from old elite agencies like BBH, Goodby or Widen, it gets a lot harder and more challenging. People bring their own experiences with them, especially if they’re good.”

“These new positions offer us the opportunity to bring into the team fresh blood, creative and strategic excellence, lust for great thinking, independence and piracy. The right candidates will find an amazing home and responsibility.”

“StrawberryFrog is led by a group of seasoned management Frogs who have young families, who have a desire to do the most innovative and amazing work out there, but not at the cost of giving up one’s family or friends. We are humans – um frogs, and everyone deserves enjoyment in their lives.”

What a sales pitch. Wordy, wordy, but the bottom line – the agency is looking to hire two senior planners. Get more information here.

2. Deep Focus – Media Planner, New York, NY

• College degree – STOP THE PRESSES… we hate to use Deep Focus to make this point, because we like the agency and everyone puts “college degree” in their ad. Look, we understand that by putting college degree as a requirement will eliminate receiving emails from many folks who are unqualified, but we know lots of very, very smart people who hold high level positions without a degree notch on their belt. We are just down on knees hoping that agencies big and small are willing to take a look at bodies without a degree from Pitt, Yale, Oberlin, U of Kentucky. Some of the best folks took the hard way around, know what we mean?

•Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)
•Comfortable in both PC and MAC environments
•Excellent verbal and written skills
•Experience with DoubleClick programs is a plus

Get more information here.

3. Publicis West – Art Directors, Seattle, WA

Who you need to be to secure the gig – “You are an Art Director who has put in at least four years at creative agencies. Having a strong conviction to do great work, you lead and inspire those around you. You love a challenge and coming up with fresh ideas. Your portfolio is the stuff of legends. It shows that you can blow out a great idea in any medium. You are a work in progress and love to keep learning. You have a sharp eye for detail, and an attraction to typography, illustration, color and design. You understand how to come up with big ideas that drive campaigns, and execute them flawlessly. “

Get more information here.

4. JWT – Project Manager, Dallas, TX

This is position is really for their subsidiary RMG Connect, which is a specialist relationship marketing operation within JWT. RMG Connect is ranked as a top ten global direct marketing company, and according to ADWEEK is the 7th largest US digital marketing company with 35 worldwide offices on 6 continents.

What you need…
•BA/BS or advanced degree a plus
•2-3 years experience managing Web-based projects and project activities including prioritizing, budgeting, estimating, process implementation
•Experience working within an advertising agency environment, skilled at client management and familiar with marketing communications strategy and processes including online media, direct marketing and Web site development
•Well-organized, detail-oriented, energetic, proactive, independent and responsive to feedback; Proficient with MS Office applications; strong interpersonal capabilities and excellent verbal and written communication skills and prepared for fast-paced multi-tasking and working long hours under tight deadlines

This is one of those listings that is so ridiculously long that just reading it might turn you off all together. If you can stand it, see the details go here.

5. Young and Rubicam – Account Director, Irvine, CA

Y&R has all the regular information listed including job duties, requirements and benefits. And then, they have this crazy chart below. Can you see it? If not, it marks the amount of time you will be standing (1/3); using hands to finger, handle or feel (2/3 plus) and taste or smell (none). Welcome to bizzar-o land. Do you think they have graphs in the bathroom about how much time you will be washing your hands (1/3) versus wiping your ass (2/3)?

See the rest of the details here.