Around The World With W+K

By SuperSpy 

Yesterday, we were whining about W+K’s PR email inbox protocol. Turns out that W+K PR has one person checking their inbox! Seriously? Interns people. Interns. Today, Joani Wardwell (global PR director), was kind enough to get back in touch with us regarding our earlier inquiry about W+K New York layoffs. Apparently, it ain’t happening due to the some growth on their ESPN and Jordan accounts and the win of ColeHaan and Nokia.

In honor of Wardwell (who apparently makes a mean chocolate pie) here’s an interesting bit o’ news coming out of W+K. The agency is sending product designer Christin Spagnoli and Andrew (whose last name we’re unsure of) around the world in 30 days to visit each of the shop’s global offices. Wieden and Luhr sent them out to be “human sponges” in attempt to find out about more global identity of the agency. The duo will then create a book that “accurately reflects the spirit and values of W+K .”


Other agencies have made books like this and we do believe every agency who hasn’t should get on board. Um… note to our agency: Send us! Please, please send us?