No Propane or Propane Accessories for GSD&M

By Matt Van Hoven 

Well it’s usually not a big deal when an account is missed, but when you’re a little shop in Texas, and you’re hinging a potential name change on your next client, it may.

Yeah, as if business was ever won or lost based on a title. But either way, GSD&M won’t be retrofitting its creatives’ offices with gas grills, lanterns or stoves. We hear they didn’t win the Propane Council account.


The agency hasn’t seen too much of anything great lately, and with propane being considered to potentially offset greenhouse gas emissions, the lost business could have been lucrative. No better place than to see the troubling effects than on a smaller scale. One symptom is explained in the Humble Observer, article here.

It could have been big for the Austin, Texas based agency. But that part of the country is no stranger to lost work. Another Austin shop, The Think Tank, or T3, suffered huge layoffs when Dell left. They’re still recovering, but many of the best creatives have or are planning to skip town.

As a friend tells me, there’s no where else for interactive folks to go in Austin and the work is nowhere to be found. Amsterdam is experiencing a similar phenomenon. So, where has all the work gone?

Update: (Thanks BillyBlanks) “It should be noted that GSD&M lost this pitch to a local/regional shop from Minneapolis called Colle McVoy.”