Britain Going Spanish, with Nike’s Help

By Matt Van Hoven 

California/Amsterdam (eh hem, go “the Dutch”) based 72andSunny developed a spot for its Nike “Take it to the Next Level” campaign. We’re talking futball, not football.

“Turning Spanish” features England’s Spanish premiere league star Fernando Torres.

“In Torres’ first year in the English Premier League, he scored 33 goals in 47 games, the best first-season scoring record ever for an overseas player. Because of his unbelievable play, he has become a hero in Liverpool,” said Bryan Rowles, creative director, 72andSunny. “England didn’t qualify for the European Championships this year, so we thought converting the red half of the city of Liverpool to supporters of Spain seemed like a really fun idea. On top of that, we were curious to hear what Spanish sounded like when spoken with a Liverpudlian accent.”

Talk about overbranding. I really hope the spot isn’t meant to be a smack in the face for the Spanish. Anyone remember the backlash when David Beckham joined the torro team? Rest assured, there were no Union Jacks flying in Madrileno windows, in a Nike spot or otherwise.