NJM’s Latest ‘No Jingles or Mascots’ Spots Showcase Creative Custom Insurance Policies

By Kaila Mathis 

NJM’s iconic “No Jingles or Mascots” campaign is back with two new spots touting the insurance provider’s commitment to crafting personalized policies for its customers in unique ways. 

Created in partnership with agency Brownstein, “No Jingles or Mascots” has been running since April of 2021. The campaign pokes fun at the insurance industry’s tendency to fill commercials with what NJM refers to as “bizarre marketing gimmicks.” Previous spots have featured mascot therapists, mascots hiding under the bed and a confused-yet-persistent narwhal pleading for an interview to be the NJM mascot.

The newest additions to the campaign take a bit of a different direction while still maintaining its satirical storytelling style. The two spots, “Jouse” and “Kitty” let viewers hear from two very particular customers who purchased custom policies for their new home and car.


“Jouse” shows a denim-obsessed couple sitting on their “jouch” (jean couch) in their “jouse” (jean house) behind their “jable” (you get the point). The couple says they went through 10 months, four bidding wars and three weeks to “iron” out the details before finding their house. The only part of the process that was easy? Choosing NJM as their home insurance provider to tailor a plan to their needs.

“Kitty” stars a woman heading out of her house in her leopard print heels and jacket, grabbing her leopard print keys and purse and unlocking her leopard print car while her landscaper trimmed her leopard topiary outside. Kitty says that, while finding a car that fit her particular style wasn’t easy, choosing an auto insurance provider that would create a policy specific to her needs was.

Now launched, the new spots will run across multiple channels.