Nike, RZA & Extreme Sports: As Random as a Headline Gets

By Matt McCarron 

First he gave us the 36 Chambers. Then the six-minute Triumph music video (you remember those special effects with the killa bees?) Now, in the most unlikely of partnerships since his minor role in Funny People, the RZA brings us Nike 6.0 sneakers, a line of Nike sneakers tied to extreme sports.

Developed by LA-based 72andSunny, the three new Nike commercials show the RZA in the studio describing how the music for each commercial ties to BMX biker Garrett Reynolds, surfer Kolohe Andino, and dirt bike rider Ryan Dungey, respectively. 72andSunny decided to go with the subtle-branding approach for these spots. (It’s so subtle in one spot that it could be mistaken as a Monster Energy Drink commercial.)

Overall, we’re glad to see the RZA working with Nike and staying busy with three different commercials. Wonder what Masta Killa’s been up to…

Check out the other commercials after the jump.

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