Night Agency Puts Space on Your Face for Kiehl’s

By Erik Oster 

Night Agency has a new online video for Kiehl’s that aims to gain attention for the brand’s men’s personal care products.

For the video, Night Agency attached a tube of Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator moisturizer “to a weather balloon that rises 23 miles in the air…fitted with cameras that showed the facial lotion hovering in space with the curvature of the Earth behind it,” reports the New York Times. A parachute was then deployed for the craft’s descent back to Earth. The craft spent about three hours in the air, before being retrieved by a team, which tracked the vehicle with GPS, around 90 miles away in a Pennsylvania field. After retrieving the bottle of moisturizer the team proceeds to apply it, thus putting space on their face.


“There’s a really limited subset of guys that read grooming blogs, and we absolutely want to be in those,” said Night Agency Executive Creative Director Evan Slater. “But we wanted to make sure that we were getting coverage from things like Popular Science and getting into the popular male conversation outside of the grooming world.”

The video itself ups the cheese factor on the stunt, with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor exemplified by the “Face: The final frontier” text which opens the video. Cheesiness aside, “How To: Put Space on Your Face” is worth the 2:30 view time if you’re curious as to how exactly the Night Agency team pulled off the stunt. You can check it out above, and we’ve got credits after the jump.


Agency: Night Agency
ECD: Evan Slater
Art Director: Justin Steinburg
Copywriter: Alex Schwartz
Technical Lead: Ramon Torres
Developer: Francesco Stella

Director: Paul McCarthy
Producer: Dan Lubell
Post: Lost Planet