New Partners For W+K

By SuperSpy 

From an email from Dan Wieden to the W+K staff:

“Wieden + Kennedy, as you may know, has five partners. They are Dan Wieden, Dave Luhr, Susan Hoffman, Bill Davenport and John Jay. (Not necessarily in order of importance.) Wieden + Kennedy has not added a partner for nearly 13 years. We are aware that 13 years is a long time. We are also aware 13 is an auspicious number.

So….drum roll….we are pleased to announce not one, but TWO NEW PARTNERS.

They are Tony Davidson!! And Kim Papworth!!

I know, I know it is pretty damn amazing. A press release is this minute being sent around the world.
It carries this quote:

“If you want to be a partner at W+K, you’ve got to be some kind of saint and some kind of crazy,” said Dan Wieden, CEO. “No one exemplifies that more profoundly Tony and Kim. They have raised the bar, broken rules, lifted hearts and shocked the world. There is no office, anywhere, more loved and respected than W+K London.”

This is the first time that Dan Wieden has made partners of anyone from outside the global headquarters of W + K in Portland. Papworth and Davidson have been the force behind establishing the agency’s rise in the London market.

Congrats to both!

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