Keeping Up With Google: Still Really Difficult

By Matt Van Hoven 

It’s not easy for you these days. Despite ad prices dropping, you have to deal with ad networks and Google and office sex tapes &#151 you’re getting less money even though your creatives are doing more and more, for less and less and oh gawd when will it all end?

We’re talking of course about the latest Google offering &#151 ads on Google News. The program began last month here in the states, and today in Europe. Click the news button in Google and you won’t see anything. But enter a subject into the search bar, then click news, and you’ll see content related to your search.

From the Google News blog:

“Starting today, you’ll also begin to see ads alongside full text articles that we host on Google News. That means that when you click on a Hosted News article, in addition to photographs, maps, and related stories, you’ll also see contextually relevant ads underneath the main story text.”

The bummer for you is that these offerings are actually decent, and could make the user experience better. For example, many of you have undoubtedly been reading about the hypothesized iPhone upgrades &#151 guess what’s going to pop up right next to that TechMeme story you’re searching for? iPhone ads!

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