Nestle’s Latest RFP: We Want to Be a Health and Wellness Company

By Shawn Paul Wood 


According to AdAge, Nestle — the makers of confectionery crushes like those pictured above — has created an RFP for unnamed advertising agencies to change its sugary perception.

See, Nestle would like consumers to stop thinking of it as “a trusted chocolate company” and start thinking of it as a “recognized and trusted food and beverage, nutrition, health and wellness company.”


Semantics, really.

To Nestle’s credit, the company has been preparing for this shift for a few years now.

Its website already hosts a couple of pages dedicated to nutritional basics, health and wellness tips, and even “improving [our] products.” While you try to recall all the healthy products Nestle produces (e.g., Gerber baby food, Lean Cuisine, Boost, and Purina [Healthy] Dog Food), remember that keeping fit happens to appear at the top of the company’s list of business principles.

Who knew?

The scope of the assignment is domestic, and asks agencies to develop a “big idea,” along with four TV executions for the Nestle corporate brand. The specified focus is on Nesquik, Gerber, Outshine and Pure Life.

“I can confirm that we are considering a Nestlé USA focused campaign and recently issued an RFP to a small number of agencies,” said a Nestle spokeswoman, who wasn’t able to provide further details.

This will be a tall mountain to climb–but then Nestlé did just tell us, in so many words, that it might like to lose a bit of weight.