NBCU’s Crappy 5-Year Promo

By Matt Van Hoven 

What do you think when you watch this? I think, “wow, NBCU is really boring and definitely sucks huge.” TVNewser shared this promo with us, noting that NBC is roadblocking the ad, “meaning it will air at the same time, on all NBCU channels, including MSNBC and CNBC, tonight in the 8pmET/PT hour.”

But the ad sucks, so I don’t know why they’d do that. It’s the kind of thing a boardroom of tired people watch and think &#151 “If I just vote yes on this, I won’t have to it here any longer to think of ways to improve it. I can just go home. And sleep.”

The only redeeming moment is Alec Baldwin’s closing remark; “Dyno-mite!”

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